Writing a Will


Information about Writing a Will.

Making a Will is probably one of the most important things you will ever do. Every day over 1500 people die in the UK and over 70% of these die without a valid will. Indeed, over 50% of adults in the UK according to a survey in 2007 by Axa Sun Life. This figure reduces to around 25% of people over age 45 but is still far too high.

Every adult over the age of 18 should make a valid will as soon as possible.

Many people fail to write a will simply because they believe their estate will just pass to their surviving spouse. This is not the case.

Indeed, most people who do make a will only do so after a particular event occurs, either an illness, accident or the death of a member of family or friends.

The estate of anyone who dies without a valid will becomes subject to the relevant Intestacy Laws. In other words the State will effectively write your will for you. Not having a valid will can therefore cause not only anguish but also financial hardship to your loved ones and intended beneficiaries.

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The main benefits of having a valid written Will?

  1. It ensures that your money and property goes to the people you actually want to receive it.

  2. It avoids leaving your family with uncertainty, unnecessary expense and long legal delays. Take action now and secure your wishes by writing a will today. Anyone with assets over £5000 (including car, house, life insurance, company benefits etc) must go through probate. This means that it affects far more people than you realise, in fact almost everyone if they are over 18 and working.

  3. It may help reduce Inheritance Tax.

  4. If you have children under 18 YOU can choose who you would like to look after them. If you do not make a will this will be decided by the state. One of the major advantages of making a will is that you can choose your children’s legal guardians.

  5. YOU can choose your executors - the people who will administer your estate when you have gone. If you fail to do this the executors for your estate will be appointed by the State.

  6. You can make your own arrangements for your funeral; this can include both personal and financial aspects.