Online Wills


Online Wills

Making a Will Online is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to make a will (discounting DIY wills which we would not recommend).

There are now countless websites where you can write a will online, but beware some are not all they may seem. In particular the ones that are VERY cheap will often charge you to make changes to the will in the future and you are almost certain to need to do that at some point.

What to look out for in an Online Will Website

Ensure it is competitively priced - but remember cheapest is rarely best

Ensure there are no extra charges. Some services will charge you later for changes or amendments - choose an online will service where future changes are FREE.

Ensure your online will is solicitor checked - most of the cheaper services are not.

Ensure it has a Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee.

An Online Will service should have an Discretionary Trust Will option (this is less relevant now).

An Online Will should have a lasting power of attorney option.

Ensure you can print it off immediately - there is little point if you have to wait for the will to be posted to you.

The only website we know offering all these for a reasonable price (from £24.98) is

Online Wills